Explore Life Between Lives

Type of Event

This is a one day workshop running from 10am to approx 5.30pm


Sunday 13th August 2017


Longacre, Nightingales Lane Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks,


Life between Lives experiences are often very pivotal life in our current life, as they help us to understand our Soul level decisions prior to the current incarnation. As a result there is often an opening to a greater understanding of the current life and it’s ongoing circumstances and lessons. This may include the reasons for coming into incarnation at this time, and the motivation to incarnate with some of the people we have in our life. We might also find out more about our goals for life, and generally glean greater depth about our current life.

Simply the profound understanding that at a Soul level, we have chosen what we have experienced in the current life can be a life-changing and life enhancing moment.



This one-day workshop includes

  • Several Group Regressions to aspects of the LBL “space”.
  • It also offers a greater understanding of the Soul’s journey from the non-physical LBL realms to the physical realm of Earth,
  • More ideas about the detailed preparation and planning that is involved when incarnating throughout many lifetimes.
  • Meeting spirit guides,
  • Soul groups
  • Elders (Masters) who help plan each life
  • The process of the physical body selection for this life.



It is highly recommended you attend the one day regression workshop on Sat 12th August, or that you have attended one in the past

Otherwise there are no requirements to join this one day workshop other than to make payment.

How to apply

£65 in advance, or £120 when booked together with the Explore Past Lives Workshop on Sat 12th August

£65.00 – £120.00 Select options


or to ask any questions about this workshop, please email the workshop organiser Doug Buckingham


This workshop is led by Doug Buckingham 

Doug is an expert of past lives and regression therapy. Doug is a highly experienced practitioner, having carried out over a thousand sessions, and is the principal Hypnosis and Regression trainer for Cara. He has initiated Hypnosis/Regression/Life between Lives training programmes in England, Scotland, Italy, Mexico and South Africa and taught workshops in several other parts of the world.


Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel more than 48 hours before the event your money will be refunded less 25% for administration costs. There will not be any refunds for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.


England  ♦  Scotland ♦  Mexico

Hope you can tune in to Inspired Choices this afternoon 2 pm UK time where I will be chatting about "How to use the Power of the Subconscious to Release Your Past and Enhance Your Life Now"

Also findable at www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/shows/open-mic-spotlight-guest-doug-buckingham/


Open Mic Spotlight ~ Guest Doug Buckingham

June 19, 2017, 9:00am - June 20, 2017, 3:00am

Open Mic Spotlight Radio Show Open Mic Spotlight brings you Doug Buckingham our Unique Exciting Speaker! We will be discussing: How to use the Power of the Subconscious to Release Your Past and Enhance Your Life Now We will dive into all of who Doug is and what he is creating in the world, her ideas, messages and anything else that comes forward during the conversation. Doug Buckingham is a practitioner and experienced Trainer in Hypnosis, Regression, Reiki, Sound Healing and other Energy based techniques. He has managed training programmes in England, Scotland, Mexico, South Africa and Sardinia, and worked in many other countries. He is also the founder of Cara - the Centre for Transformational Learning, where many energy based workshops and courses are facilitated. See www.caracentre.com He has an App “Hypnosis for Transformation” which can be bought for £0.99 at either the App Store or on Google Play, which is full of Life Enhancing Audio recordings, some of which are free and some are paid for recordings. He has trained hundreds upon hundreds of students in various modalities, and has worked with thousands upon thousands of 1-2-1 clients. He has a private practice in Buckinghamshire in the UK. His main website is www.dougbuckingham doug@dougbuckingham.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/dougbuckinghampastlives Instagram: instagram.com/doug_buckingham/ Linked In: uk.linkedin.com/in/dougbuckingham Twitter: twitter.com/DougBuckingham Google+ plus.google.com/b/112227714490892959219/112227714490892959219/about Interested in being featured on the Open Mic Spotlight show? Contact Christine McIver at christine@inspiredchoices.ca *****LISTEN HERE***** inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/listen-now/ Call in with Questions! US-815-880-8255, CANADA-613-800-8736, SKYPE - Inspired Choices Network Join in the Live Chat Room too!!! inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/chatroom

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