Love & Light to the Land & the Leys

Tuesday 14th February at Round Hill, Oxfordshire

round hill

Come and join us as we send love and light to the land and the leys with sound, intention and you.

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We assemble at Round Hill in Oxfordshire on the 14th of February 2017

Round hill is the site of a sacred grove where the Michael and Mary ley lines cross (one of only 22 nodes in the country where they do so) and the energy here is quite inspirational. These two lines are two of the premier energy lines in the country on which pagan temples, and later Christian churches were constructed in order to tap in to the power, majesty and potential of the land, so this spot is deliciously suited for healing energy work.

We come to this natural point of their merging to celebrate both world sound healing day and also the day of Valentine, a day to love both your self and others (including the land)

This event starts at 11.11 in the sacred circle in the wood on top of round hill, and will include a ceremony of sound, the elements, magic, and connection to the earth, the sun, the stars and the moon.

Payment is by donation – see above

Please let us know in advance if you plan to celebrate with us.

Doug Buckingham : 07979 750291 – or
Chrissie Martin : 07531 049930 –

Love & gratitude


Working With the Michael & Mary Line Crossing Points ♦  Hopton ♦  Royston ♦ Sinodun Castle (Round Hill) ♦ Next….?

Soul Discovery Weekend 24-25th March

Just a few of the comments from people on previous weekends....

"amazing, insightful and delightful weekend, I got so much out of it and will probably take more out of this than I realise at the moment"

“Just wanted to say I found the Soul Discovery Workshop to be an amazing experience, it was fascinating! I learned so much and had some wonderful experiences. It’s something I’m passionate about and want to venture further into. Thank you so much!”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing thought provoking weekend of soul discovery helped along by the perfect setting and wonderful like-minded people.”

“Thank you so much – it was such an amazing weekend.”

” Thank you again for an enlightening workshop”

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Soul Discovery

March 24, 2018, 10:00am - March 25, 2018, 5:00pm

Discovering more about who you truly are at a deeper Soul level is a delightful challenge for many of you in this lifetime. Sometimes this can be an inner desire which happens at an early age, though with most people it tends to start happening from the mid-30’s and upwards. What I refer to as the “Soul Imperative” begins to increasingly influence your consciousness, and draws into your life people, books, situations and other significances that take on the air of coincidences, though they are in essence Soul Synchronicities. When you ignore the call of the Soul, people find themselves falling into chasms of illness, habits of excess and even depression. To heed the call of the Soul opens up a new inner world, and the ability to start to live the possibility that we can create and influence our own reality, and thus create our destiny, rather than succumb to our fate. This is one of the most thrilling and liberating concepts up to mankind at this moment in humanity’s history. The desire to understand more about our Soul self, why are we here, how our past (lives) have shaped our learnings and behaviours to date can be a source of both fascination and illumination, and when we finally start to understand more about what makes us tick then it can empower and enhance our choices for the balance of our current life ahead. On a weekend of 25-26th November 2017 , I am hosting a weekend of “Soul Discovery” On the Saturday we will be looking mainly at Past Lives and some of their endless possibilities. You have the opportunity to explore your past lives by way of a series of group regressions for which the intentions will be ones of positivity, creativity and inspiration. Using some of the regression experiences you have the chance to integrate into your current life some of the gifts, talent, qualities and memories that are of authentic use to you. And there will also be the chance to look at some of the challenges (some call them blocks) that you may have brought with you from previous lives…which will dovetail nicely into the next day for… On the Sunday, we will be looking more at the Space between Lives, often referred to as the Interlife space or the Bardo. Prior to this incarnation we make many decisions at a Soul level such as the family we incarnate into, the Soul lessons we chose to work with, our lovers and our friends and much more. Again using a series of group regressions, you will have the chance to look at various aspects of the Spirit realm and gain a greater understanding of who you truly are. This weekend is open to both “beginners” and equally those who have previous experience of regression or past lives, for if you “feel the pull” then that probably means you are meant to be here. Testimonials “Just wanted to say I found the Soul Discovery Workshop to be an amazing experience, it was fascinating! I learned so much and had some wonderful experiences. It’s something I’m passionate about and want to venture further into. Thank you so much!” F.E.

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