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We are a Centre for Transformational Learning, and we offer professional, accredited courses in several different locations around the world. We specialise in training in Hypnosis, Regression and Interlife Regression. We also offer workshops in Reiki, Sound Healing, Spirit Release, Crystal Healing and many more useful areas.

The intention of our courses and workshops is to offer excellent training opportunities that are run professionally, and with integrity, love, fun and a small dash of humour. During our courses, participants are able to learn highly transformational energy techniques that are easily used in every day life, and are capable of bringing empowerment to the individual using them. So, participants and their future clients can receive the change and healing where it matters most…in the here and now of the current life.

Whether your goal when considering our courses is to further your own personal or spiritual development, to embark upon a career change, to add a skill to your existing skill-set, or simply for your own enjoyment and knowledge is of no consequence, as our courses are designed for all types of background, all levels of learning as well as all ages.

All of our courses have a profound resonance within the spiritual energy approach, and you will often find that during your training with us, you are also being taken on your own personal journey, or perhaps a journey of the Soul. We encourage reflection during and after all of the training you undertake, so that when you look back in time, you will be enchanted to see how far you have come, and how much you have changed.


If you are looking to start your New Year with a big shift in your inner world and Transform Your Relationship with Money, so that change reverberates permanently and powerfully into your external reality, then this may well be for you...

Love & gratitude

Transform Your Relationship with Money

January 6, 2018, 10:00am - January 7, 2018, 5:00pm

Money certainly isn’t everything in life, however your relationship with money (or lack of it) actually determines a lot of things in your life, like what you eat, where you eat it, where you live, where you go on holiday, the clothes you wear and often how you feel about yourself…and that’s just naming a few things. This is a 2 day intensive workshop designed to help you to break through any blocks you may have in your relationship with money This is a magical workshop however it’s not magic so you have do the inner work…so, there will be a lot of experiential exercises plus plenty of theoretical understandings for you to work with and then integrate, to ensure you can start to transform your relationship with money immediately. If I said to you that… Money does grow on trees…however you have to be prepared to go and harvest the trees, store your crop, and then use your crop with wisdom…to ensure your crop keeps on growing… Would you be prepared to do the (inner) work? This weekend will start you on the path so you can do that inner work for you on an ongoing basis. After that, it is just a question of you maintaining the good start, and that becomes easier and easier for you after attending the workshop, and with some of the transformational tools you will take away with you from the workshop. There are a couple of pre-requisites to attending: That you are prepared to be open and fully engage in sharing exercises with a co-attendee That you are open to the possibility of past lives, as we will be doing a little work in this area during the weekend. (note you dont have to be a firm believer, just open) That you are genuinely open and committed to transformation of your own relationship with money There are eight spaces for this workshop as I want to be able to offer everyone who attends some personal attention as well as the group work. Once you have booked your place, then I will give send you a “special challenge” to try and complete before the workshop. If you accept this challenge, there are only two possible outcomes: That you succeed – and I guarantee you will be delighted with the outcome Or that you learn something valuable about yourself that you will be able to work with at the workshop Take Away What you will take away from this weekend will be entirely up to you! However, what I am going to give you to take away with you in addition to the actual workshop is: Audio recordings of the entire workshop – sent on mp3 to your inbox Tools that you can use in your everyday life to continue enhancing your relationship with money Access to a one hour follow-up group Skype call (The group for this workshop only) to talk about progress and obstacles and probably a few other things that I think of between now and then

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