“Past life” on the Titanic

Interesting little article with a tiny bit of possible past life “evidence” towards the end where the author describes his placing of the Marconi room on the ship at first being wrong according to the blueprints,  and then eventually being verified by someone independent of him. 
I once had a client who had an extremely strong level of anxiety in their current life. When they came for a session, they quickly regressed into a past life as a someone who also died ‘on a big ship on a dark night”, describing a big screeching sound as the ship hit something in the middle of the sea…and then more of the terror that unfolded.
I don’t usually push for names/dates during regressions. As the therapist in Alum’s article suggests “who is sure if it’s real or not, but ….it’s therapeutically healthy to do.” , and my main focus in sessions is also on the therapeutic outcome rather than the reality of the experience. However, on this occasion I did ask “So, what does your family call you” and “What is your family name” and then we continued with the regression, the death experience, and the transformation and release of the emotions and trauma associated with the experience. 
Once the regression had finished, I summarised the experience for the client who, in spite of having experienced a lot of emotions during the session, still had some doubts as to its authenticity. I repeated that it wasn’t necessary for the experience to be real for it to be beneficial, but gently pointed out that it did seem like a very high level of emotion for someone to be experience for something that wasn’t real. I then reminded the client, who had been in an unusually deep level of trance for much of the time, that they had communicated a name to me.  We then used Google to find that very same name among the list of those 1,500 people who died on the Titanic that night.
Coincidence? Info drawn from previously seen films and books – perhaps
The subconscious mind making up a story based on that forgotten info – could be
Client delving into the collective unconscious – perhaps
Something in the DNA – Ancestral memory – maybe
The client’s high levels of anxiety disappeared overnight – REALITY!!
love & gratitude