Explore Past Lives Webinar Series


Thursday 27th October at 7.30pm GMT – and then the following Thursday evenings

  • Thursday 3rd November    – 7.30pm GMT
  • Thursday 10th November  – 7.30pm GMT
  • Thursday 17th November  – 7.30pm GMT
  • Thursday 1st December     – 7.30pm GMT

i.e. consecutive Thursdays but missing Thursday 24th November


Online webinar

Type of Event

This is a “LIVE” WEBINAR SERIES running over 5 weeks. Each webinar last 1-1.25 hours


This live webinar series takes place over 5 weeks. Doug Buckingham will help you explore a different aspect of you each week during this very special past life exploration series.  Each week Doug will talk about the different themes you will be connecting with, and help you to release the pitfalls of the past and integrate the positives into the present by way of various guided past life journeys!


Week 1 – Setting the Scene Safely – it is important that past life work is safe, and Doug will explain the necessity for clear intentions regarding the work that you do, and how to best access past life experiences. Please note, this week will not necessarily be a past life journey and instead will be a guided journey to a place where you felt safe in the past , which might be past or current life. This is to ensure you are properly prepared for the past life work to come i.e. setting the scene safely.

Week 2 – Embracing Your Confidence – we have all had good, bad and indifferent experiences in our previous lifetimes. Doug will talk about a few possibilities for this session and will then guide you into a past life where you can connect with a positive life, where you can embrace confidence from the past, and bring it into the now where you can use it in the current life.

Week 3 – Remembering Your Wealth – Wealth and spirituality dont mix? Rich people aren’t good people? These are just a couple of common subconscious belief patterns that might be preventing you from accssing the abundance of life as fully as you might like. This week the intention is to return to, access and integrate the wealth of a past life that can be activated more powerfully into your now!!

Week 4 – Connecting with Soul Group Members – Often we reincarnate with the same group of Souls, though sometimes they can be our biggest teachers in the current life – whether that is unconditional love or the complete opposite. This week we explore a life where you have previously incarnated in a positive scenario with a Soul group member.

Week 5 – Your Special Gift  – talented healer, philosopher, philanthropist or simply a very special influence on those around you. We connect with one of your lives where you were gifted in some way, and integrate that energy!!



There are no requirements to join this course. However, please understand that this webinar series is not intended as a substitute for serious therapy. The benefits of joing may be immense, however if you have a seriously life challenging problem in your life, then please consult a therapist for a 1-2-1 session. (Please also read the disclaimed)

Your investment

£49 normal price reduced to £22.72 

How to apply

To book a place pay here 

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or to ask any questions about this Past Life Webinar Series please email me on info@caracentre.com 


This webinar series is managed by Doug Buckingham Doug is the principal Hypnosis and Regression trainer for Cara. He has initiated Hypnosis/Regression/Life between Lives training programmes in Mexico and South Africa and taught workshops in several parts of the world.

Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel 10 days before the event your money will be refunded less 25% for administration costs. There will not be any refunds for cancellations with less than 10 days notice.

Terms and Conditions – please read 

Please note that Hypnosis/Past life Regression therapy is not a medical procedure and that no medical benefits are being offered to you.   The success of your participation in the webinar series depends on your ability to relax and your desire to create change in yourself. Doug Buckingham does not offer any guarantee for the success of your participation, though he will use tried and tested methods that have worked with thousands of people and do everything reasonable in his ability to ensure the fruitful participation for people attending this webinar series.


On the day of the webinars, please try and avoid alcohol and any drugs other than prescriptions to ensure that you are fresh, with a reasonably clear mind and energy, ready for the session. I also recommend you avoid caffeine for a few hours before the webinar if this affects your ability to relax.

You may want to listen to a copy of my relaxation mp3 before the session. You can either sign up to the newsletter on my website (and it will be sent you) or download my APP “Hypnosis for Transformation” (costs £0.79) and the recording comes for free

Time – Technology permitting please note we start promptly at 7.30pm GMT so please ensure you are in good time.

The webinars will be recorded, and if the technology behaves then you may be able to access for a a day or two after the webinar, though this is not guaranteed.


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