If you are looking for some Hope, Inspiration and Positivity, then where better to find it than in your own consciousness?

The “reality” that we have all lived before and are merely here as Souls experiencing another physical incarnation is a cultural imperative in a substantial percentage of the world’s population, and what’s more it’s becoming an evolutionary imperative for many of you who are on a journey to find their True Self in this life.

So, why would that be useful?

Exploring your past lives is an increasing powerful way of finding your real Self.

Firstly, it can be used for transformation purposes, by clearing the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual baggage sitting in your subconscious from previous lives. We have all lived where things haven’t gone “quite right” and these continue to play a tune in the depths of our consciousness affecting our current life in different ways.

Secondly, and quite vitally, exploring your past lives can be used as a way of accessing gifts and talents, and positive emotional experiences from previous lives. We have all had positive past life experiences that are also sitting within our being and these can be worked with and brought through to enhance, and in some case dramatically shift, your current life.

If you are interested to find out more, then you might like to book a place at the evening workshop that I am doing at Clearly Destiny in London on Friday 26th May at 7pm. What you will get for your very affordable investment of £15 advance payment is a fascinating evening talking past lives, your chance to experience your own positive past life during a group regression, and the opportunity to ask any questions you like of a Past Life Regression Therapist and Teacher, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in this captivating area.

Tickets can be bought on this link http://www.caracentre.com/explore-past-lives-evening-workshop-london/

and if you have any questions feel free to email me on doug@dougbuckingham.com

Love & blessings