Maintaining the Integrity of Your Own Energy

the Integrity of Your Own Energy

Everything in the Universe is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. So, you, me and everything around us is simply energy. The reality is that you are much than just your physical body as we have energy bodies or an aura all around you, which is evidenced through media such as Kirlian photography or similar.

In the same way that you need to take care of the outside of your physical body by showering to keep your skin clean and fresh, and other daily cleaning habits, it is essential that you take care of your energy bodies and maintain the integrity of your own energy. For your energy field may become congested or sluggish with all of the things we cannot see around us getting caught up in them. Much like dust or dirt gathers on physical objects, energy such as old emotions and feelings, thoughts and other people’s energies might get caught up in our energy field.

Your energy bodies contains psychological, emotional and physical energy aspects and these connect to our physicality bodies by way of the nervous system. So when other people’s energy comes into your aura, then we feel it in some way. More sensitive people may feel this at the outer layers of their aura, other perhaps only when it resonates more deeply into their physicality and slows them down or impacts into their reality in some more obvious way.

If you are someone who consider yourself an empath, you will likely be especially aware of this happening, and will know that it is “not fun” to be feeling or even taking on other people’s “stuff”. For anyone though, there are situations in life where this is quite tangible ….crowded tube trains (especially in the morning when many people don’t want to be going to work) being a very obvious one.

What this means in practical terms, is that it is vital to have healthy boundaries in place around your energy field, and to be pro-active about maintaining the integrity of your energy within your field. Also clearing your own energy field regularly to let go of what you have unwittingly take inside your energy boundary is another essential.

As well as this involving simple energy management techniques, it involves starting to master simple self-psychology understandings such as the appropriate use of the word “no”, and having a reasonable level of self-awareness without moving into fear.

When you take time to do this, pay intention to these energetic truths, are on top of your game and keep your energy clear, then you keep your immune system boosted and your general well-being is heightened, and life generally rocks ‘n’ rolls in a more pleasing way, and so it should!

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You can just try googling techniques that work for you, or go to a class or workshop to learn and master this essential area of life, or even better hopefully you are already on top of your game?

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Whatever you do, if you are currently doing nothing, then start doing something to maintain the the Integrity of Your Own Energy !!

Love & blessings