More Possibilities About Past Lives Affecting Your Current Life

more Possibilities About Past Lives Affecting Your Current Life

We wrote at the end of last week about a few of the signs that past lives might be affecting your current life, namely recurring dreams, familiar Souls (have we met before?) and fascinations with other cultures or countries.

Here are a few more Possibilities About Past Lives Affecting Your Current Life for you to muse upon…


Natural Talents

Mozart started composing symphonies when he was 3! Hayden when he was 5, and he had no musical background in his family (whereas Mozart did). Where did that come from? I met a girl once at a party who’d had a regression where she was a talented PL piano player. She took it up again at the age of 37 and her teacher said she was the most talented adult he’d ever taught!

Do you have any natural abilities or skills when you were growing up that came very easily to you that it almost like you’d “done it before”? It may be that any deeply rooted skills and talents can have their origins in a past life.

Memories as a child

I had a client once whose child was having sleep problems. Her child complained of always thinking of a time in France when there was a big revolution. Her Mum made an assumption, and asked her husband to stop telling their daughter stories about the the French Revolution. Her husband of course said he was doing no such thing, and after further discussion it turned out their daughter was going into what seemed to be past life memories in the hypnagogic state just before sleep.

Do you have or know any children you know express having other lives that they remember? I have plenty more stories like this one, and I am one of those children too (another blog post to follow).

The late Dr. Ian Stephenson at the University and his successor Jim Tucker have researched thousands of these cases, and YouTube and Google are a rich source of them.



Often a fear or phobia is linked to an early life event, and usually repressed from conscious memory. Way back when, I worked with a lady once with a fear of flying which simply did not respond to what are normally very successful current life hypnosis techniques for working with phobias. I was only just starting to learn past life regression at the time, so used it more sparingly than I do know. As soon as I regressed the lady to the source of the problem, she went back to a scene where she was a little girl in London in World War II in the midst of German bombing. An hour or two later, her phobia was history…just like the past life.

If you have a phobia that is troubling you, then it started somewhere and can be worked with in hypnosis or regression. It’s safe, quick and life changing when you deal with and clear the events that are limiting you in some way. Let go of the past to change the present; that’s the whole point of past life work.


As a final note, I would like to point out that not all of our past lives hold so called “negative” memories. Many of them are positive and accessing these positive past lives and the rich treasure house of resources within them can often be as therapeutically beneficial as dealing with the difficulties.

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Love & blessings