Our new Webinar series “Explore Past Lives” starts next week – on Thursday 27th October at 7.30pm GMT

This webinar-advert-smallerlive webinar series takes place over 5 weeks and is run by Doug Buckingham. Doug will help you explore a different aspect of you each week during this very special past life exploration series.  Each week he will talk about the different themes you will be connecting with, and help you to release the pitfalls of the past and integrate the positives into the present by way of various guided past life journeys!

We start with setting the scene safely in Week 1, which is a must for any responsible past life work, and then progress with “Embracing Your Confidence” in week 2,  “Remembering Your Wealth” in week 3, “Connecting with Soul Group Members” the next week and finally concluding with “Your Special Gift” in December

We hope you embrace the theme with as much delight as we are offering it.

You can sign up here in the shop 

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