Are Past Lives Affecting Your Current Life?

Past Lives Affecting Your Current Life

It is an age old question. Have you lived before? Does it matter if you have and why bother to investigate the past when it’s over…but is it over?. Now, that’s the question!

The answer is long and involved with many different possibilities and potentials. However, here’s a few pointers as to whether or not there are memories or energies from Past Lives Affecting Your Current Life.

Recurring Dreams

Hey ho and here we go into a very big area, though I am going to keep it short and succulent. Recurring dreams may be the same dream for a week or two, or perhaps it is a dream you have been having since childhood, or perhaps the same scenarios keep happening in slightly different ways in dream time. Again there are a myriad of potentials here, however the bottom line is the Soul wants to get through and sometimes the only way or time it can get through is when your conscious mind is less active (and getting in the way) and so it chooses dreamtime.

Cosmic Connections….have we met before?

You meet someone for the first and it is as if you have always known them. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing? Who knows? Soul recognition does take place at a subconscious level and people pop into our current life for a reason. So, the next time someone seems familiar you might start to wonder a little further back than if you went to school with them. Funnily enough, I often have dreams about important people who come into my life before they arrive physically.

Fascination with another culture or country

If you interested in any particular countries, cities or cultures, then maybe that’s past life filtering through consciousness. As an adult I have a joy with all things Indian – especially the food – happy happy past life memories precede that. I could happily go live there tomorrow and spend the rest of my days there…again!!  Sometimes you get automatically drawn to places without realising the connection. I spent a good year or more running courses in Mexico before I started to get an inkling going that there was a bit more to this for me, than simply running great courses. A yucky past life, and one that my Soul had clearly decided to start making amends for in the current life. Balance!!

So perhaps that gives you a few things to ponder on, and of course there is even more to say about Past Lives Affecting Your Current Life and that will be coming next week

Love & rainbows