Soul Imperative

Soul Imperative Most of us consider would like to think that we are fortunate enough to have free will in this life, though perhaps like many things in the Universe, that concept is something of a paradox. For those who have free will, and an open mind are likely to be consciously aware of their own Soul, and then that free will becomes theoretical rather than realistic.

Theoretical because for some in this life the call of the Soul is so irresistibly strong, and what I call the Soul Imperative takes over. That Imperative means that you are obliged (rather than simply able) to follow the path of your Soul, which was planned and created before this incarnation. For those people who genuinely follow their Soul yearnings, this can become something of an obsession at times and even decidedly uncomfortable.

For when you give up the dictates of your personality and follow the path of your Soul, often that means that logic may appear to go out of the window when it comes to your choices and decisions and the comfort zone gets well and truly left behind. Whether that is people or places you are intuitively drawn to or conversely can simply no longer be associated with, lifestyle choices, things you have to do or learn, courses or workshops you have to take or simply ways in which you have to be and behave is largely irrelevant. The ability to listen to and heed the call of the Soul is strong enough to override personality misgivings from the past, and as a result, life changes.

For most, the Soul imperative also necessitates the metaphorical ‘cleaning of our closets’ of emotional, mental, physical and energetic baggage from the current and past lives. This often means current life experiences that repeat until the lesson is learned and let go of, so that new energetic imprints can thereafter be integrated. For individuals and thus humanity to evolve (as it has to at this point in human history) we need to collectively let go of the past and all of the energy associated with it, and move into a new way of Being where we can see the bigger Soul perspective, and truly live it.

Living it is often the biggest challenge! A theoretical head-based understanding of the Soul perspective is one thing; a heart-based embracing of it and walking the talk is quite another. Many people talk about it (and that’s okay as it spreads the energy of Soul understanding), however fewer live it and that is what needs to change now.

So, listen to your inner promptings, learn to distinguish the difference between your personality and your Soul, and follow what sometimes may be the illogic of your choices. These choices may not always be to the taste of our personalities, but remember who’s the boss…..

And that’s the real you…the Soul, whose path must be followed (if not in this life, then the next?)

Love & Blessings