Symphony of Sound


Thursday 12th October 2017


The Main Hall at St. Katharines Parmoor, Frieth, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 6NN

Type of Event

This is an evening Sound event running from 7.15-8.45pm


This is a sound evening event using gongs, crystal bowls, crystal pyramids, and other sound healing instruments that offer you the opportunity to enhance the levels of forgiveness in your life.

Forgiveness is the key to happiness and when we allow ourselves to then it sets us free to remember and be who we truly we are.

Forgiveness helps us to understand that we are not a victim of life or of this world and that we are not a victim of the past

We all have things that we need to forgive either ourselves or others for, and until we forgive, then we keep giving our future to the past.

Together with the power of sound, forgiveness changes our vibration and brings us into to the here and now and the present moment.

The benefits of sound healing are now much more widely understood even in the scientific arena. Sound healing improves and transforms a range of physical, psychological, emotional and energetic states. You can expect to feel relaxed, more in touch with yourself, and more aware and able to use the inherent, natural healing qualities within all of us.

We will start promptly at 7.15 so you may arrive from 7 pm. Please bring with you something to lie on like a yoga mat or blankets, a pillow for your head and maybe one for under your knees if you like, also blankets to cover you. The aim is to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible so you can easily connect with the sound healing vibrations. It is a good idea to bring some water too to drink after the session.

Everyone will also receive a rose quartz crystal to take home with them that has been charged with the sound healing energy.


There are no requirements to join this event.

Your investment

£22 in advance or £25 on the night

How to apply

To book a place you can pay here  

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or to ask any questions about this event, please email 


Doug Buckingham and Chrissie Martin are both experienced healers, gong masters, and loving practitioners of the noble art of sound healing.

They will be sounding from different ends of the Main Hall on this evening, so you will be cossetted and entrances in a blanket of sounds, allowing you to receive even more powerful levels of energy healing.


Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel 10 days before the event your money will be refunded less 25% for administration costs. There will not be any refunds for cancellations with less than 10 days notice.


“Last night’s Symphony of sound – an evening of gongs, crystal bowls, crystal pyramids & other sound healing instruments. An incredible experience & one I can’t wait to repeat! Thank you Chrissie Martin & Doug Buckingham for creating such a beautiful healing space” Lisa



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