Hypnosis Training 

I loved discovering the power of hypnosis, and having this new experience presented to me. It has opened up a brand new interest and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the learning curve. This has had, and will continue to have a huge positive effect on me, and I will approach work and personal situations very differently. And I am inspired to keep learning from this course.” K.M. International Musician
“I thought the course was very good, and I liked the education and understanding of the process of hypnosis, and especially the practical experience of giving and receiving hypnosis. I will be able to help people a lot more efficiently in the future.” B.P. Leading UK Businessman, Motivational Speaker, Music Producer
“No room for improvement! Thank to you for a very clear course, full of practical and then re-assuring hints about Hypnosis. I also liked the structure and seriousness of the course, whilst having fun at the same time. This may well become part of my career in the future” J.L. IT Consultant
“Everything was perfect! I liked the comfortable setting, the content of the course and most especially the delivery! During the course, I received an enormous amount of healing and a shift in my outlook about life in general. I now feel so much more confident in my abilities, so I feel my work will be affected in a positive way, and also my happiness in general.” S.H. Healer, Teacher and Channel.

Transformational Regression Training 

“I most liked the inner work and subsequent transformation, and feeling empowered by the professionalism of Doug & Barbara to do the same. From what I sense this course is going to ripple through all aspects of my life. My relationships are going to improve, my professional life is going to change, my spiritual life will be enriched and my health is probably going to improve too. ” Vanessa


“There was so much information given, but it NEVER got boring. The mix of theory and practical was perfectly balanced and was carried out in a relaxed and friendly environment. ” Zena Wright


“I am much more focused on where my life/work will be going after this course, and have made a contract with myself to make significant changes in my life to make it so. I can think of nothing to improve this course at present.” Jules



“I most liked the relaxed and inclusive environment, and a very experiential learning experience. The course gave me a broader opening into the world of spirit and imagination and its affect upon our lives. As a therapist, it is a BIG step forward towards where I want to be” Marlon


“This course will benefit my existing hypnotherapy clients immensely with the additional skills. It is well balanced between theory and experiential giving the student a very balanced experience overall.” Paige


“This was an excellent course and experience. Giancarlo is an amazing teacher. He delivered all the contents of Reiki 1 in a very professional, calm and serene manner.  The Reiki 1 course has been a beautiful learning experience for me and my spiritual journey and I have realised that when we put our good intentions to help others, good things come to us to help others even more”. Nevin Rupear, Reiki Level 1 course, London
“This was a very good course. Giancarlo is a great teacher, very professional, very humble and he’s able to create a lovely and peaceful enviroment for students to learn”. Maria Cristina Pinna, Reiki Level 1 course, Italy
“Giancarlo is a very kind and charismatic person, and above all very professional. With him I have attended the Usui Reiki Levels 1 & 2 courses. These have been unique experiences that changed my life and the way I see things around me. Reiki is a path that everybody should walk. Giancarlo makes available all his experience (that goes far beyond the Reiki Master) and allows everyone to make full use of what is learned in the course”.  Ivan Sgualdini, Reiki Level 2, Italy
“Giancarlo offers an excellent course which gives a very good basic foundation for Reiki. He is a warm, charismatic and patient teacher. I came away from the course feeling refreshed in body and spirit. This is a course I would recommend to everybody. I can’t wait for Reiki 2”. Polly Holmes, Reiki Level 1 course, London
“Well paced course in terms of breaks and amount of information relayed during the day. Excellent level of knowledge and skill, I admire the passion and respect Giancarlo has for your subject, useful book recommendations, informative history of Reiki, kind, professional and patient with us and open to all sorts of questions which I felt comfortable to ask. I felt relaxed and at ease, the ideal conditions for productive learning. I enjoyed working in a small intimate group”. Kerina Patton, Reiki Level 1 course, London
“A very good course. Giancarlo is very keen to share everything he knows about this subject”. Nathalia, Reiki Level 1 course, London
“A great course with an excellent content. Giancarlo is very professional”. Maria Elisabetta Loche, Reiki Level 1 course, Italy
 “I completed level 1Reiki training with Giancarlo. He is truly an excellent teacher and professional. Giancarlo created a very supportive environment in which to learn reiki healing and the meditation. I enjoyed our classes and feel I learned a lot from this training course. I have been doing reiki on myself and thoroughly enjoy it. I can’t wait to take the other classes!! I highly recommend Giancarlo”. Atiya Khan, Reiki Level 1 course, London
“I have learned a lot in two days, so much that after two weeks, I still remember 90% of the stuff that you taught us. What was also very positive is that I have learned a lot about myself during and after the course, especially when I started applying the newly gained knowledge of Reiki and self-awareness in my daily practice (self-healing using Reiki). What was also lovely was the light-hearted approach to teaching this subject which is everything but light. Overall, this was a well-structured and well-taught course and at the same a very enjoyable learning experience”.  Jasna Dajic – Reiki Level 1 course, London