whats-the-point-of-past-livesWhat is the Point of Past Lives?

We had a flippin’ fantabulous time at Mind, Body & Soul at Alexandra Palace last weekend; meeting lots of new people, talking about past life regression and everything else we do, running a sold-out past lives workshop and doing some rather lovely 1-2-1 taster sessions. “Powerful”, “exactly what I needed right now”, “meaningful” and a very loud “Wow!” were just some of the brief comments from those that got a taster for regression work.

We also had a few people sniggering as they walked past, others saying “not *$%&** likely” and a some who were visibly scared at the prospect of even contemplating the possibility and potential of other lives. There are of course many different, and equally valid, viewpoints on what is a fascinating area.

So, What is the Point of Past Lives?

The current life is the slightly paradoxical answer to that!

If may be interesting and important to remember who you were, what you might have done etc. in past lives, however it is even more important to remember that the answers you are seeking in life can only truly be found by living the current life, and that’s actually where past life regression can help you. By clearing the blocks of the past, you are letting go of what holds you back in the current life.

Some people query the validity of past life experiences, however the reality is that when someone has a story/pattern/whatever running in their subconscious, then that there is their reality and it is playing some part in their everyday life. When when they are able to transform or release that story/pattern/block, then they are going to transform their current life.

“I have quite enough going on in my current life, let alone looking into other lives, thank you” was something that one of my friends said to me about 10 years ago. ” Several months and several sessions later as she started on the road to recovery for her auto-immune disorder, she had changed her mind and realised that past lives bring transformation to the current life!!

If you’re interested to find more about past life regression and it’s potential, then as well as a variety of therapists offering 1-2-1 sessions, we will have a one day experiential workshop in London either in December or January, and we offer highly transformational training courses, that are either for the Seeker, for the practitioner and for someone simply looking to bring transformation and empowerment to their life.

Make Choices, Take Chances and Bring Changes now!!